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Softwares commonly used in the Game Industry

Name Company Used for Description Arpox. Price
3D coat Pilgway Retopology 400€ perpetual
Nukeygara Nukeygara Animation and Rig 300€ year/people
Blender Blender Foundation Modeling,Retopology, Rig, Animation… Free
Godot Godot 3d Game Engine Free
Houdini Sidefx Simulation, Modeling,Retopology, Rig, Animation… 300€ year/p inde - 2000€ year/p
Maya Autodesk Modeling,Retopology, Rig, Animation… 3000€ year/p
Photoshop Adobe Art - Marketing - Boxart 400€ year/people
Substance Adobe Material creation and texturing 200€ year/people
Unity Unity 3d Game Engine Free Hobbyist + Pro 2000€ year/p
Unreal Epic 3d Game Engine Mostly free + royalties
Zbrush Maxon High Poly Modeling 1000€ perpetual
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