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Jobs List

This list contains the most used terms for jobs. Most of the people can do at least two or three sub-task/jobs

Job Name Type
Game Director Management
Art Director Artists The Art Director is responsible for the style ,the look and mood of a game. He is the one that decides if the work of the other artists match with his vision.He can make some concept art and artist work but his main focus is to check the work of the other artists are in coherent with his vision and the other art work.
Concept Artist Artists Concept artists are the first to draw the environments, enemies and player characters. Working with a brief from the producer, their sketches are used to help 3D artists, producers, programmers and publishers to understand how the game will look.
Storyboarder Artists Storyboard artists help to create a visual representation of the animation's narrative. Storyboard artists translate the script and the director's vision into pictures. They produce a series of panels of images to plan the shots and ensure continuity between them.
UI designer Artists UI designers are concerned with the user interface; the point at which the game and the players interact. They create the look and feel of things like the heads-up display (HUD) showing the score, lives, and levels. They make sure that the menus and commands are clear.
Rigger Animators The rigger creates the bones following the body shape of a character and then makes the skinning (skin) of specific parts from the character mesh to deform.
Animator Animators
3D Artist Artists
3D Character artist Artists 3D Character Artists create 3D models of characters for the games. Models are often based on original concept art. Character Artists draw up the visual elements of as briefed by the Art Director and Lead Character Artist. He can be in charge of the high poly modeling, the retop (Retopology), the texturing and material creation and work in close collaboration with the Rigger for making sure the mesh deformation is correct.
Environment artist Artists 3D Environment Artist produces the modeling and texturing of 3D objects and the graphical content of levels in accordance with the artistic direction and production deadlines. Usually work in close collaboration with the Level Designer.
Prop artist Artists Prop artist produces modeling, texturing of small 3D objects to be used and reused in the levels. Usually work in close collaboration with the Level Designer. This job is the easiest to be outsourced.
VFX Artist Artists VFX artists create visual effects using particles, animation, sprites, materials, and more. Often the VFX artist can work with the Tech artist.
Game Designer Management/Art Gameplay Designer is the one that think about what the player will do in the game, the abilities
Level Designer Tech Art Level designers in first place create white-boxes to create a neutral environment to integrate the gameplay of the game. After that step, use the assets and props done by the Environment artist and the prop artist to decorate environments created. Work in close contact with Gameplay Designer and Env/Prop Artist.
Gameplay programmer Developers/Art The gameplay programmer focuses mainly on creating the logic of the enemies, the movement of the character and every gameplay element that the player will interact with. Work in close contact with the Gameplay Animator to match the animation and logic together.
AI programmer Developers The AI programmer focuses mainly on creating the logic of the enemies and integration within the gameplay and the area.
Engine programmer Developers Engine programmer focuses on developing the engine. Usually not needed when using an engine such as Unity or Unreal. However, Unreal gives access to the source code, so that can be considered.
Shader programmer Developers Shader programmer focuses on shading, meaning how the light reacts on a material applied on a mesh.
Tech Artist Artists Tech artist focus on creating tools for the artist to boost their work. He can program features on the game engine but also on specific software used for the creation of the game.
Audio programmer Developers
UX Designer Other The UX Designer focuses on making the experience of the player the most pleasant as possible. He is in charge of the ergonomy of the game, proposes features to speed up interaction in the game and spot inconsistency on the gameplay as redundancy, unnecessary action and more.
Producer Management
QA Testing
Game Tester Testing
Project manager Management
Writer Other
Cutscene Director Animators
Composer Audio
Audio Designer Audio
Voice Actor Audio

Not in the list?

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